Saturday April 21st 2018

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Blue Cross Animal Charity Warns: “Protect Your Dogs Against Killer Disease”

Vets at The Blue Cross animal charity have issued a serious warning to dog owners after a surge in cases of the killer canine disease ‘parvovirus’. Dogs are extremely vulnerable to the highly contagious illness if they are not vaccinated or if their annual booster shots are not kept up to date.

Over the past month alone The Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby has admitted over 20 dogs with parvovirus, including many young puppies. Despite round-the-clock care from Blue Cross vets and nurses, almost one third of these cases sadly died from the disease which has no specific cure. Most of these cases have been admitted from the central Grimsby area.

The Blue Cross is concerned that the recent increase in parvovirus cases could lead to an epidemic of the disease. The virus passes easily between unvaccinated dogs and can survive for months in the environment. Victims suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea which leads to severe dehydration, often fatal in vulnerable young or elderly dogs.

Susan Knox, Blue Cross chief vet at Grimsby said. ”This sudden rise in the number of sick dogs coming to us with parvovirus is very worrying. It is heartbreaking to see so many young pets fall victim to this killer disease that can so easily be prevented by a simple injection.”

The Blue Cross advises dog owners to contact their vet and make sure their pets’ vaccinations are up to date. If they have fallen behind, or if young puppies have still not been vaccinated, then to book an appointment as soon as possible to prevent a tragedy.


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