Friday March 23rd 2018

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PDSA Response To The Launch Of The New Puppy Contract And Puppy Information Pack

PDSA wholeheartedly supports the launch of the new BVA Animal Welfare Foundation and RSPCA Puppy Contract and Puppy Information Pack (PIP), which are designed to help create demand for healthy and happy puppies and to increase understanding around all aspects of wellbeing associated with dog ownership.

Acting as a checklist, the PIP will guide owners on what to look for in a new puppy and help them to check that a puppy has been raised in a suitable living environment. The Puppy Contract is a legal document that will be signed by both buyer and seller to confirm that the puppy has received the specified standards of care and necessary health screening. Both are freely accessible online at

Many of the health and welfare problems facing dogs could be overcome if prospective owners were better informed. If only healthy dogs were bought, then only healthy dogs would be bred.

To help prospective pet owners choose the right pet for their lifestyle and circumstances PDSA has a freely accessible online tool, “Your Right Pet”, which won the 2010 UFAW Companion Animal Welfare Award and can be found at PDSA also produces a wide range of leaflets to help owners learn more about responsible pet ownership

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