Saturday April 21st 2018

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Rougue Breeders & Online Puppy Scams Fool Millions

The Kennel Club helps people become ‘puppy aware’ Almost a quarter of people got scammed via ads on online sites such as Gumtree, after paying for a puppy they never receive Almost one in five people may have bought a puppy from a puppy farm Millions end up with huge [Read More]

‘Fur Kid’ Phenomenon – Brits Choose Dogs Over Sprogs!

Two in five say owning a dog is a happy alternative to having children A quarter prefer going out with their dog to their children Eight in ten say their dog is loving and attentive when out and about. Just over 50% say this is true of their partner Kennel Club calls for [Read More]

A Step In The Right Direction For Dog Law Reform Say Kennel Club

The Kennel Club has welcomed new guidelines which come into effect today on sentencing for dangerous dog offences but remains concerned that recent government proposals to update flawed dangerous dog legislation fail to include genuinely preventative measures. The [Read More]

Kennel Club Calls On Parents To Help Change Hospital Statistics

The Kennel Club has called for greater awareness about child safety around dogs following the release of figures showing that 16% of incidents involving dogs happen to under 10 year olds. The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) announced today that under [Read More]

Warning About The Dangers of Slug Pellets to Dogs From Kennel Club

As we are set for the wettest summer on record, the Kennel Club has issued a reminder to dog owners about the danger posed to dogs by the use of slug pellets. Nick Sutton, Kennel Club Health Information Officer and former veterinary toxicologist said, “Around this time of [Read More]

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Win: Dog Hamper from Frontline

Win: Dog Hamper from Frontline

A new survey by Frontline® Spot On has revealed that Britain is a nation of dog lovers who invest huge amounts of time [Read More]

Don’t cook your dog

Don’t cook your dog

With today’s welcome sunshine, and summer fast approaching, the Kennel Club is warning people that they risk cooking [Read More]

Kennel Club welcomes Report Call for Overhaul Of Dangerous Dogs Law

The Kennel Club has welcomed an inquiry calling for an immediate overhaul of current dangerous dog legislation to [Read More]

Win – A Bag Of Burns Pet Food For Your Dog!

Win – A Bag Of Burns Pet Food For Your Dog!

With this summer’s Games inspiring everyone to get fit, many of us are making sure that we keep our own diets [Read More]

Ways To Help Your Dog If They Are Frightened By FireWorks

Ways To Help Your Dog If They Are Frightened By FireWorks

The bangs of bonfire night can be terrifying for pets but The Blue Cross has plenty of top tips to make fireworks [Read More]

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