Saturday April 21st 2018

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Can You Stitch For Titch… Appeal For Dog Loving Needle & Thread Expert

The Sheffield-based charity Support Dogs has issued an appeal for special help after one of the their best fundraisers has grown too big for this boots…

Well, not his boots exactly, but the jacket he must wear when out fundraising.

Titch is an Irish wolfhound who is coming up to three years old this month. His head stands four feet from the ground and from nose to tail he measures 7’ 6”. He has a healthy appetite getting through about 900g of dog food a day and he tips the scales at over eleven stones.

“He’s fully grown now,” said Shirley Lumley, Titch’s ‘mum’, “But he’s still a puppy at heart and wants to sit on your knee!”

Because of his size he draws a lot of attention which has made him the star fundraiser for the charity and he is set to play a big part at their demonstration stall at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham next March.

But he has outgrown his current jacket and the charity is struggling to find another one that fits. Attempts to source one from the usual suppliers have drawn a blank, leading them to issue this appeal for help.

“There must be somebody, somewhere with the know-how,” said Shirley. “We will provide all materials or, if they are local to us, they can do the work here at Support Dogs, or we will bring the stuff to their home.

“Of course, we will also cover any expenses, we just need to find somebody with the skills and time to make us a jacket that fits. Someone prepared to stitch for Titch,” she added.

The dog’s plight has led Shirley to pen the following ode:

Hello there dog lovers

My name is Titch

And at this moment

I’ve a bit of a hitch


I am having trouble

Because I am a big lad

But don’t want to stop

All the fun I have had


I really do not want

“ To pack it in “

So I need a new jacket

To fit ALL of me in


Can anyone out there

Make me one…please

To continue my work

And to breath with ease

Anyone who thinks they have the skills to help out should contact Shirley Lumley on 0114-261-7800.



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