Saturday April 21st 2018

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Woman Saves Thousands Of German Shepherd Dogs

Since the turn of the millennium, Annie Masling from Cheltenham has helped over 1,000 German Shepherd Dogs with G.S.D 2000 Rescue and Re-home, and is going to the world’s largest dog show, Crufts this year to tell people about the great work of the charity.
Annie’s involvement in the breed started in the 1990s when Annie, along with her husband Jim and a group of friends, worked in various voluntary capacities for a German Shepherd Dog rescue charity in Devon. The breed, then often referred to as the Alsatian, was highly popular and was suffering the consequences, as owners took on a German Shepherd Dog puppy without knowing the time and commitment required to properly care for it.
Thirteen years ago, with fresh ideas of their own to help the breed, Annie and her team applied to the Charity Commission to form a new charity.
G.S.D. 2000 Rescue & Re-home was granted registered charity status in January 2000 with the aim of helping unwanted, badly treated and abandoned German Shepherd Dogs. Initially the charity operated only in the South West, but now covers much of the country south of Birmingham.
Annie explains, “It was when I retired that I really started doing more to help German Shepherd Dogs. I decided it was the right time to spend my life doing something I really enjoyed and I knew that would involve working in a way that would benefit animals.
“We see far too many very young dogs being handed into care because their owners have simply not realised that writing a cheque for a puppy is the easy bit; then comes the need for plenty of good food, exercise, training and veterinary care and so on. It is a commitment that will hopefully be ongoing for as much as twelve years and needs to be well thought out and made for all the right reasons.
“At G.S.D 2000 Rescue and Re-home we have a non-destruct policy. We neuter all animals passing through our care, and we guarantee to take dogs back at any time of their lives and operate entirely with the help and support of volunteers.
“We are looking forward to being on the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand at Crufts on Saturday, 10th March, where we will have the opportunity to chat with members of the public and help to create an awareness of the responsibilities faced by anyone who may be considering offering a home to a rescue dog.”
Crufts takes place from the 8th to 11th of March and different dog breeds will be joining the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand each day. G.S.D. 2000 will be on the stand on Saturday 10th March along with Thames Valley Boxer Rescue, Great Dane Care and Samoyed Rescue Society.
For more information or tickets to Crufts visit

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