Saturday April 21st 2018

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Doghouse Suffolk Puts The Hol Col To The Test

The Hol Col is a collar that is designed to give dog owners an inexpensive way to put a temporary change of contact details on your dog without having to go to the expense of buying and engraving a new dog tag.

The collar is bright day glow green in colour, and fits around your dog’s neck – on top of their normal collar.  The idea is that you write your holiday address and mobile phone number on the collar and then attach to you canine companion.

Doghouse Suffolk thought that we would put the Hol Col to the test, during one very wet and muddy weekend.  Our tester, a cockapoo, wore the Hol Col from Friday evening until Monday morning.  The collar was easy to put on, using the little wings on the tab, which slots easily into the slits in the collar.

On first appearance the Hol Col doesn’t seem that strong and we really didn’t thing it would last a whole weekend of muddy walks and dips in the local river, but it did!

Buy the end of the few days that we tried the Hol Col it did look a bit worse for wear and was a little scruffy looking, but it was still attached to our tester and you could still read the contact details – we had used a waterproof permanent pen.

We like the idea of the Hol Col as when you are away from home with your dog it gives you added security if your dog was to get lost while you are away.  The bright colour of the colour does stand out even at a distance and several other dog walkers did ask us what our tester was wearing. We do feel that some extra work needs to be done with the packaging of the Hol Col as this feels rather amateurish, but over all the collar is a good idea and works well, and at just £2.50 it is an inexpensive way to give dog owners a little added piece of mind if they are travelling with their dog. Although Doghouse Suffolk does recommend that you still get your dog micro chipped and that they still wear their normal collar and tag – just in case!

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