Sunday February 25th 2018

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What We Thought of Skinner’s Field & Trial Turkey & Rice

Skinner’s have developed a unique new dog food to add to their highly successful Field & Trial range of complete dry dog food for working dogs. Field & Trial Turkey & Rice is the only dog food to contain the branded mobility supplement joint aid for dogs, enabling owners to provide this high quality supplement in one complete feed at a daily maintenance level.



Doghouse Suffolk was asked to try a 2.5kg bag of Field & Trial Turkey & Rice. Our tester was a 10 year old, male Cocker Spaniel, who has some stiffness in his hips. We tried the dry dog food over a two week period and found that it was quite a short time to notice any real change in our testers mobility, however we have tried joint aid for dogs in the past and have noticed a difference, so we feel that had we taken a longer trial of the new Skinner’s food then we may well have noticed some changes.




Field & Trial Turkey & Rice 2.5kg comes in an attractive heavy weight plastic bag.  The label is easy to read and understand and the feeding instructions are very clear. Although the bag is easy to open with a pair of scissors, it is not resealable and therefore we had to decant the food to another container, therefore our packaging score is 7/10

The dry dog food is made up of lots of light brown small biscuits. We liked the fact that there are no artificial colours that you sometimes get in dog food.  The crunchy biscuits a of a nice size and would be suitable for a wide variety of breeds of dogs, we gave an appearance score of 9/10

Human Appeal
We liked Field & Trial Turkey & Rice, the dog food smelled very appealing and the crunchy biscuits look very appetising.  We liked the fact that there are no artificial colourings and that the food seemed very healthy.  We also thought that the addition of joint aid for dogs was a bonus and an easy way of getting a supplement into your dog.  We did find however that when we reached the bottom of the ‘bag’ that there were quite a lot of crumbs in the bottom that had to be discarded, therefore our Human Appeal score is 7/10

Field & Trial Turkey & Rice suited our tester very well and after the first couple of days, his stools were firm and normal.  We didn’t notice any other after effects and therefore we are giving a Digestibility score of 10/10

Our tester really seemed to enjoy Field & Trial Turkey & Rice and there was lots of wagging tail action. He quite happily ate all of his meal and he even returned to his bowl after he had finished his meal just to check that his bowl is empty, as he does when he is fed wet food!  Our Wagablility score is 9/10

Giving an overall Doghouse Suffolk score of – 42/50

This respectable score means that Doghouse Suffolk would recommend Field & Trial Turkey & Rice.  Skinner’s have a wide range of dry dog food and so there is sure to be a Skinners to suit your dog, if your canine friend doesn’t require a food with the added joint aid for dogs.

Skinners – Field & Trial – Turkey & Rice Hypoallergenic Dog Food inc. Joint Aid » 15kg





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